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What is Chiropractic plus Kinesiology?

CPK is a comprehensive and gentle health care system,
….integrating new technology with time-proven methods for resolving today’s complex health issues.

CPK is “gentle” Chiropractic
….and the science, art, and philosophy of restoring the nervous system to maximum efficiency so it can regulate and control the functions of all body parts for attaining optimum health and body performance.

The Chiropractic principle
….proclaims that the nerve system of the body, functioning as the master communication system of the body, can become impaired so that the brain or body parts are no longer communicating essential information for the maintenance of health. The removal of the impairment factor can greatly enhance the functional integrity of the body and restore health and well-being.

CPK is “eclectic” Kinesiology
….using the most reliable methods of assessment in clinically applied kinesiology.

Kinesiology literally means to study movement.
Muscles provide movement for the body with as many as thirty-five factors to control the coordinated contraction and relaxation for each of the 635 muscles.

The Kinesiology principle proclaims
….that the muscles of the body not only stabilize and move the joints of the body, but each muscle has a specific biological interaction through the nervous, circulatory, and meridian systems with the body organs, both in health and in disease. Using sensory based testing and motor response testing, doctors trained to observe and perform muscle response tests have enhanced diagnostic skills for “personalized” treatment protocols correcting the patient’s impairment factors.

CPK benefits all ages

….in the treatment of acute or chronic pain and many common ailments. The CPK comprehensive assessment of all body tissue dysfunctions, using the S.C.O.P.E. filing system, helps our doctors to resolve a variety of health care challenges. Your benefits are optimum health and pain-free activity when normal body function is restored.

How does the CPK system work?

1. Muscle testing helps locate distressed tissue.

2. Challenging the inhibitory muscle signal by special hand to skin contacts identifies the type of tissue impairment contributing to the dysfunction.

3. Prioritizing of the tissue corrections maximizes the results within a minimum amount of time.